Walking by Milano
A Touch of China
Abarth concept for Zooppa
Conceptual video made together with talented filmmaker Nicole Toscano, who performed in this video, to partecipate to Zooppa's Abarth contest.
Morning Rituals
That morning I woke up with two needs: to shoot something and to celebrate the magical morning ritual. While making my daily fuel I put my camera on the tripod and shot what was doing. Just for fun. Warning: there's some nasty nudity over there... I'm sorry for you ;)
Directing, Film
Just A Sea
Some summer random shots. Canon 5D3. Hand-held, 50mm f1,4 lens, Faithful profile, cut Premiere Pro CC, grade Filmconvert. Music from Fausto Papetti.
Cinematography, Film, Visual Effects
Danny The Dog (Orig. Unleashed)
I like to create trailers of old movies in my spare time. In this case I've chosen the italian version of "Unleashed", which was titled "Danny The Dog" in my country. Unfortunately is the italian language version of it but I hope you like it anyways!
Art Direction, Film
Oroscoparade pilot
A pilot I made to show potentials of virtual set for a horoscope tv format.
Computer Animation, Directing, Motion Graphics
Chiara Centioni's Reel
I directed and filmed the wonderful italian actress Chiara Centioni performing parts of classical and popular monologues for her showreel. Including poems by italian legend Alda Merini, Sarah Kane, Alan Bennett and Tennessee Williams.
Cinematography, Directing, Film
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