I did this horoscope pilot in order to show the tv format that author Stefano Mastrosimone had written.
It was a big challenge since when we decided to start when was nearly time for italian broadcasters to renovate their schedules therefore we didn't have much time.
Furthermore, my biggest challenge was to make it pretty cheap!
That's why I chose to use a virtual set (in post) which implies a guest direction based on a measured timing of the script in order to obtain the proper length of 3D renders.
Shot on a blue screen with the camera set vertically on a static tripod, fully filling so the picture with the actor in order to have the maximum resolution of his figure and being able to decide later on how to frame him along the editing process.
Music under Creative Common License thanks to Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com)
Of course keep'n mind that it's just a pilot made in a rush, which means that either technically and artistically the quality could have been improved a lot. But, that's it, the best I could in nearly a month time.
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