This is something I've done to promote italian fellows Tutto Digitale (Everything Digital)'s web tv, monthly magazine in newsstand covering about videomaking, digital cinema and anything else concerning modern photo and videocameras.
Inspired by classic sci-fi cult, War Of The Worlds, I felt it should have been a spoof of the famous film, actually more about the original one than the remake.
These are the tools I used in order to achieve the result:
Filmed with AVCHD Camera Sony Nex VG10
Edited and composited with Adobe Production Suite CS5.5
Lens flare fx done with Optical Lens Flare for After Effects from
3D modeling, texturing, lighting and animation done with Cinema 4D R11.5 Broadcast Edition
3D tracking done with The Foundry Camera Tracker for After Effects
2.5 tracking done with Mocha for After Effects
Sound Design and mix done with Apple Soundtrack Pro
Finishing edit with Final Cut Pro
It took nearly ten days to make this short video, from the concept to the final result.
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