I've done this commercial for the Grand Hotel Villa Cora (Florence - Italy). villacora.it
They wanted me to show the beauty of this mansion from the nineteenth century and this is the idea I came up with.
I wrote it, directed, shot and edited.
My gratitude goes to the delightful dancer Anbeta Toromani, whom's grace helped me to enhance the allure, magnificence and elegance of the place.
Also I'd love to thank Alessandra Celentano for the marvelous support she gave me in the art direction and for her lovely choreographies.
The wonderful music made by Luca Longobardi (Thank you so much!)
Shot with Canon C300 and Canon EOS 5D MKIII
SmartSLIDER PRO 800 (smartsystem.it)
Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Compositing and rotoscoping made with Adobe After Effects CS6
Color Correction made with Adobe SpeedGrade CS6
Sound Design made with Apple Soundtrack Pro
Dancer Anbeta Toromani
Music by Luca Longobardi
Written and Directed by Federico Taticchi
Filmed by Federico Taticchi and Gaia Ferme
Art Direction and Choreography Alessandra Celentano
Make Up Artist Francesca Giulini
Hair Stylist Eleni Bantoula
Production Specialist Alessandro Sieni
La Placa Photography - Rome
Movie People - Milan
Special Thanks To
for the wonderful Anbeta's dresses 
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